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Zoom Dry Skin Brush

Dry Skin Brush

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Product Details +

As part of your holistic skincare routine, dry brushing is an effective, natural way to rejuvenate the cells for softer, smoother skin. Made from the leaves of the agave plant, the natural sisal bristles work to remove dead skin, unclog pores, and stimulate both the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

The skin is the largest eliminative organ and plays a vital role in ridding the body of toxins. Dry skin brushing is a natural, effective way to promote detoxification and restoration of the skin’s natural vitality. 

Key Benefits:

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells, resulting in smoother, softer skin
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to encourage detoxification
  • Unclogs pores, which lead to higher nutrient absorption and clearer skin
  • (Regular use) can work to breakdown cellulite
  • Stimulates blood circulation in organs and tissues, especially small blood capillaries

Ingredients: Sustainable Beech Wood, Cotton, Natural Sisal Bristles (from the leaves of the agave plant.)

Meet the Founder +

It wasn’t until a close family member was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that Herb Market Botanicals founder Melissa made the complete switch in focus towards holistic skincare. She felt deeply inspired and determined to create a completely toxin-free skincare line while channeling her studies of holistic health into the skin. When she was thinking of what type of product she wanted to make for people, she thought about what was important to her. She wanted to change the way people cared for their skin by introducing effective, results-oriented skincare, using natural ingredients only. You can learn more about Melissa and Herb Market Botanical's origin story here.

Brand Values +

In addition to our required criteria, Herb Market Botanicals supports sustainable practices with their recyclable packaging. They also support local cultures by being artisan-made. Get a more in-depth look at their values here.

Dry Skin Brush



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