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The Bookshelf

We're in the business of sharing stories. 

Books are a notoriously Amazon-dominated industry. In fact, nearly 7% of Amazon's yearly revenue is from book sales. (7% seems small, until you hear that's literally 6 billion dollars!)

We value supporting woman and non-binary authors and their stories, and want to live in a world where Amazon, and other huge online retailers, are not in control of a book's success. 

When you buy a book from Amazon, it gets sent to one of their printers; It's a print-on-demand system. As a small business, we don't have that kind of access yet. However, we are happy to be using Book Funnel to directly support author's Ebooks and audiobooks. A system that, you guessed it, completely avoids Amazon!

We hope you'll support these authors by purchasing their books and reading their stories.

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