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Diane Windsor (she/her) is the founder of the traditional publishing company Motina Books. Her mission is to publish books by and for mothers, giving women the chance to release their stories into the world. Diane works hard to create a partnership with her authors. Throughout the publishing process, Diane works closely with the author every step of the way from editing to formatting and marketing.

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What would you do if everything you thought you knew turned out to be false? 

Cassidy and Angie were best friends; they were excited about their junior year of high school. Angie was a championship runner, almost certain to win a scholarship to a great university. Cassidy was a good runner, and would probably go to school close to home. But this year, they were just excited to be going to parties and hanging out with their friends.

Everything was great... until it wasn't. Angie was diagnosed with leukemia. Cassidy, being the good friend she was, vowed to be by her side for every treatment until she was cured. Except Cassidy's mom had never had her vaccinated for childhood illnesses, and she began feeling a little under the weather...the harbinger of a tragedy that Cassidy never expects, causing her to question everything.

What inspired STUCK?
This is my heart book: my son has been fighting leukemia since 2018, and being exposed to childhood diseases is serious for someone with a weakened immune system. Vaccines work, they are safe, and herd immunity is important to protect those who truly can't be vaccinated.
What are your individual core values?

I believe in kindness and honesty. And I'll always be there for my kids, no matter how old they are.

How does your book reflect your core values?

Modern medicine and medical technology are wonderful. It's because of amazing researchers and doctors that people around the world are living longer than they ever have before. They are curing diseases that used to be a death sentence for the patient!

How do your friend's describe you?


What's a book you recommend?

There are too many for just one favorite! I will always love Stephen King, Colleen Hoover, Taryn Fisher, and Laura Lippman.

What's your favorite review?

"Oh my. Grabbed this out of the mailbox today. Ordered it for my kid. Thought I would flip through it first since I didn’t recognize the author. A couple hours later, nothings been done around the house and I’m oblivious to everything around me. I read it cover to cover in one sitting. I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Great read. Very moving. Characters are very relatable. Perfect for upper middle school and high school teens. Handed the book to my teen. She hasn’t moved since. I fully expect her to not move until she’s done."


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