What kind of products will be inside the box?

Great question! 

    Every product included meets these requirements:

    • boutique level items
    • full-sized (no samples!)
    • vegan/dietary restriction/food allergy accessible 
    • inclusive to a wide variety of personal styles

    When will boxes be sent out?

    Boxes are sent out quarterly (every 3 months). In 2021 they will be sent out in April, July, and October!

    Where do you ship to?

    Right now we are only shipping to the U.S., but we hope to be shipping internationally soon!

    What if I don’t like one of the products in my box?

    We like to think we have good taste, but we also know every item included in every box won’t be for everyone. If you receive a product you don’t think you’ll use, share it with someone in your life who you think will. Sooner or later, you’ll become known for your excellent and spontaneous gift-giving. It’s like we’re selling social capital here or something.

    How much is the box worth?

    Each box will always be valued at more than $100.

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