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Grace Wang (she/her) is a petrepreneur and founder of Petphoria. Her dog, Beni, is her best friend and backbone. 

What inspired Petphoria?
I've always wanted to own a business, but never really knew exactly what it would be. I did know, however, that I wanted to make an impact on others and support the dog community. That's when Petphoria was born!
How would you describe Petphoria to a friend?
Petphoria is a modern lifestyle brand for dogs and their people. Our products are rooted in passion and research, giving dog parents the very best options in quality treats, fancy toys, apparel and more! 
What are your individual core values?

Integrity, positivity, and passion.

How do your friends describe you?


How do you want to be remembered?

As a Petphoria empire.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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