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Nettie Pickleball Co.

Catherine Baxter's (she/her) career and interests revolve around bringing people and resources together to make change in the world. As the founder of Nettie, a pickleball company focused on community, inter-generational connection, and really good design, she wakes up thinking about how this fast-growing sport can be a catalyst for bringing people together.

Previously, Catherine was the Director of Development for grants at Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio, where she worked to ensure that the organization had enough financial support to continue to providing care, no matter what. 

What inspired Nettie?

During the beginning of the pandemic, I watched my boyfriend's parents create a small makeshift pickleball court in their apartment. At first, I thought that it was the most charming thing I'd seen in this moment of zoom-everything. But I also saw how much they loved the game, and realized that *something* big was happening with pickleball across the country. As I researched it, I came to learn it was the fastest growing sport in America gaining fans across all ages and income brackets. When I went to play myself, it reminded me of the games I loved most growing up at summer camp: active and easy to learn, but not too intimidating.

But when I went to buy paddles and gear myself, I felt that most of the products and other brand's aesthetics were missing the thing I loved most about the game: joy and fun! That's why, inspired by my love of all things colorful and retro, I decided to create Nettie to fill the gap. 

How would you describe Nettie to a friend?

I really believe pickleball, and games like it, can bring joy and human connection into the lives of those who play. After two years of isolation, technology dependence, and general societal divisiveness during the pandemic, I think we need more ways to just play with each other. This is especially true for connecting across generations, where research shows there is a tremendous benefit to people young and old by spending time with people outside of their age bracket. I hope that Nettie can bring products and experiences into the world that encourage this type of connection!

What are your individual core values?

My individual core values have shifted as I've gotten older and had more life experiences. The ones that stick out as the most constant are open mindedness, optimism, equity and enthusiasm.

How do your friends describe you?


How do you want to be remembered?

As an instigator for people to get outside, move their body, and make new friends.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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