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Leah Grossart (she/her) has worked for various corporate fashion brands and has a background in science, technology, and philanthropic work. She’s passionate about “the why” behind HarperSage, and brings her expertise in those fields to build a modern brand. She grew up figure skating and balancing her soft, feminine side with her strong-willed side. She studied Environmental Science in college and later attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she pursued her passion for design and met Meghan!

Meghan Herman (she/her) has worked for multiple brands ranging from high fashion to smaller private labels. Her work took her to China and India, where she grew close to the supply chain and was inspired to create a fashion label that made ethical manufacturing and personal relationships its priority. She grew up playing soccer and played D1 in college before discovering her passion for design. She later studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she met Leah!

What inspired HarperSage?

The initial idea for HarperSage was born with co-founder Meghan, years and years before HarperSage even had a name! Meghan grew up playing soccer and was swiftly labeled as a "tomboy" (it was the 90's after all). In college, she discovered her passion for fashion and design and soon started to pursue it. In balancing these two parts of her identity, she discovered other dualities in her life, particularly in style. There didn't seem to be a brand for women that was catering to this experience of having more than one style, so she linked up with co-founder Leah and set out to create one. Together, they unlocked a big idea that became the foundation of HarperSage: modern women are experiencing a disconnect between the clothes in their closets and the actual moments that make up their day. 

How would you describe HarperSage to a friend?

At HarperSage, we believe that you change more than your clothes. That’s why we create thoughtful, stylish, comfortable fashion staples made to take you through everything you feel and all the things you do. We celebrate versatility, design for duality, and champion the advancement of women. HarperSage embraces you. #DoYourDuo

What are your individual core values?

Leah: I think courage and dependability summarize my values well, both personally and professionally. I have a tendency to take the path less traveled and, like Meghan, I find a lot of joy in humor and strive to find nuggets of it in everything.

Meghan: Honesty is my foundation as a friend, wife, daughter, and business partner. Work ethic mixed with mental toughness is my north star, and I believe with manifestation and perseverance you can do just about anything. Positivity mixed with self-depreciation is how I find humor and joy in the world.

How do your friends describe you?

Leah: Empathetic and independent.

Meghan: Loyal and driven.

How do you want to be remembered?

We hope to be remembered by how we made our community and business partners feel in buying from us, working with us, or growing the brand with us.  We'd also like to be remembered for our position and commitment to human rights, specifically with respect to human trafficking work, since we approach this much differently from most other mission-driven brands.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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