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Libie Motchan (she/her) and her co-founder Daniel Nelson (he/him) met at Wharton welcome weekend as they were getting ready to pursue their MBA. When they met, they wondered why, as healthy adults with normal daily routines, they were both experiencing constant foot and back pain. After talking to friends and experts, they knew they were far from alone. That's when they started thinking about how they could make things better.

What inspired Fulton?
Fulton is a modern brand of arch support. Our first product is a comfortable, sustainable and supportive insole. The idea behind Fulton started before I came to Wharton. While sitting at my desk job, I (Libie) started experiencing back pain. I treated it very reactively: I would take painkillers, get massages, foam roll, etc. I was treating the symptoms, not the cause. So I went to a chiropractor who suggested insoles after explaining that posture starts from the ground up, and that your feet affect the alignment of your entire body. Unfortunately, all of the custom orthotics were well over $100. I looked for a more affordable alternative at the pharmacy, but felt completed disconnected from all the insole brands I saw; they were so geriatric and medically-focused! After seeking advice from friends, I realized there wasn’t a resounding brand that people were drawn to, and saw an opportunity!
How would you describe Fulton to a friend?

Fulton is a modern brand of arch support; we developed a supportive, sustainable, and comfortable insole made from innovative materials like vegan cactus leather and cork. We seek to empower consumers to live healthier lives, because wellness starts from the ground up!

What are your individual core values?
Sustainability, innovation and curiosity.
How do your friends describe you?

Hard-working, creative, and silly.

How do you want to be remembered?

As the brand that brought wellness to footwear. We hope to educate people about the benefits of proper arch support, and make supportive footwear the status quo!

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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