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Jessica Huang (she/her) is the co-founder of EXO, a brand redesigning home pest control for the 21st century. After graduating from UCLA with a B.S. in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, Jessica fell in love with consumer brands and design. Now, she specializes in branding and e-commerce web design, and has picked up a knack for modern packaging design in regulated CPG categories. She is excited to be reinventing home and garden pest control with bug killers you’re not afraid of.

What inspired EXO?
Today, finding a natural hand soap, an eco-friendly surface cleaner, or even organic dog food is all fairly commonplace. But when it comes to taking care of heavy duty issues, our cache of sprays under the kitchen sink or on garage shelves are still stuck in the 1960's. At EXO, we believe that if you use enough toxic chemicals, you're bound to kill anything. There's a smarter, greener way to keep our spaces pest-free.
How would you describe EXO to a friend?
EXO is envisioning a future of bug sprays that aren't locked away in cabinets or hidden on high garage shelves. We are minority-owned by a small and growing team in Los Angeles who staunchly believe in making sprays consumers aren't afraid of. EXO has been third-party tested for efficacy against more than one hundred species, and has been mom-tested to ensure it leaves nothing behind. That means no oily residues or headache-inducing smells. Our products are plant-based and packaged in taboo-free, air-pressurized, recyclable containers that provide all the power of an aerosol without harming the environment.
What are your individual core values?

Supporting young people who are excited to make big impacts!

How do your friends describe you?


How do you want to be remembered?

As the brand that created a new standard for how we take care of our spaces.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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