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Daybreak Seaweed Co.

Catherine O'Hare (she/her) grew up next to the ocean exploring the tide pools of Southern California. Fascinated by the intersection of food and nature, she worked on organic farms after studying Biology in college. It was on these small vegetable farms that she fell in love with working outside in rhythm with nature, as well as being part of a regenerative local food system that provide nutritious food. Catherine has studied coastal ecology, permaculture, and sustainable agriculture, and is inspired to be part of a women-owned company trying to use business as one piece in a holistic puzzle to mitigate climate change and create a better world.

What inspired Daybreak Seaweed Co.?
I've always been interested in food and farming, grew up next to the ocean, and think food can be a solution for climate change. We believe strongly that seaweed farming can provide food in a way that restores ecosystems, mitigates the effects of climate change, and protects wild ecosystems. We believe seaweed is a resilient piece in the mosaic of regeneratively grown food. Grown in the ocean, it’s remarkably curative: absorbing carbon and nitrogen, providing habitat for marine life, and offering high nutrient density food for us. And it’s delicious!

Daybreak Seaweed was inspired by the desire to nurture a resilient, equitable future that honors natural systems and provides nourishing food for a changing world. We hope that Daybreak Seaweed offers a sense of meaningful connection to the ocean it comes from, and serves as a reminder of our relationship to all life on the planet! 
How would you describe Daybreak Seaweed Co. to a friend?

Daybreak Seaweed partners with regenerative ocean farmers to create sustainably grown seaweed products and seasonings. We’re on a mission to bring seaweed into the everyday kitchen by providing nutrient-dense, umami-packed, nourishing kitchen staples. We partner with regenerative ocean farmers to bring quality, sustainably grown seaweed from the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean to your kitchen.

What are your individual core values?
Gratitude, well-being, generosity, optimism, and regenerative/low impact systems.
How do your friends describe you?


How do you want to be remembered?

As part of a movement that strengthened local food systems, regenerated aquaculture practices, and championed responsible packaging.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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