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Inês de Oliveira (she/her) co-founded her first company at the young age of 17. In 2020, she joined WaD Lab SA, a Portuguese venture builder that creates disruptive DNVB's with a sustainable core, and co-founded several brands, including Doop! Now, Inês works as a team leader for WaD Lab and is based in Lisbon, Portugal. She is addicted to pizza, and in her free time, she likes to paint, travel and read.

What inspired Doop?

We believe that plastic pollution is a problem created by irresponsible design practices; why do we have to dispose of the whole toothbrush, when are only the bristles are getting worn?

To answer this question, we assembled a team of engineers and designers and created Doop! 

How would you describe Doop to a friend?

We are a southern-European startup that invented the very first recycled (and recyclable) toothbrush with a removable head!

That being said, the Doop toothbrush is just the first step! We are looking to expand into other areas of sustainable oral and personal care products. A Doop toothpaste is already in the works, being created with the same sustainability ethos and focus as the toothbrush. 

What are your individual core values?

Honesty, resilience, love, and hard work.

How do your friends describe you?


How do you want to be remembered?

As completely revolutionary and ahead of the times. I hope after 20+ years our customers still use the same Doop brush (with a different head, of course!)

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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