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Copina Co.

Copina Co. was born out of Carolyn Yachanin's (she/her) experience healing her cystic acne scars and gut health issues through holistic medicine. She discovered that true beauty comes when we choose to do something good for ourselves and treat our bodies well. She founded Copina Co. to change the entire beauty industry; too much beauty marketing is about you "needing" to consume something to become beautiful, as if you aren’t that already! Copina Co. believes in real beauty: treating your body right and highlighting what you love most about yourself!

What inspired Copina Co.?
My personal experience healing my acne and gut health with holistic herbal medicine taught me about the power of plant botanicals. This is what inspired me to start Copina Co.!
How would you describe Copina Co. to a friend?
Typical collagen supplements come from cow hides, fish skins, or egg shells. Not Copina Co.! Our products are delicious, vegan and gluten-free blends that help your body naturally produce more collagen without consuming any animal products.
What are your individual core values?

Independence, faith, persistence, compassion, and stewardship.

How do your friends describe you?

Idealistic, goofy, and creative.

How do you want to be remembered?

As a company that made health and wellness easy, fun, inviting, and joyful.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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