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Megan Martis (she/her) started CLOECO in 2018 while living through freezing Upstate NY winters. Tights were a lifeline in NY, however, she absolutely hated how they felt, sagged, ripped easily, and were incredibly itchy! To fix all these problems, she engineered EverTights™ and RevoTights™ using her background in science.

What inspired CLOECO?
Living through New York winters, tights were an essential, however, I dreaded wearing them, because they sagged and didn't fit well. Most tights are not designed to work with all body types. For example, tall people often have issues with them sagging, and plus sized people often have issues with them ripping. The simplistic design is also not functional to put on, leading to easy ripping and sagging. Plus, the nylon material used to make tights is itchy and rips easily! Because of these issues, tights are often thrown away fast, leaving a cost burden and adding to the fast fashion production cycle.Wanting to solve these problems is what inspired me to start CLOECO!
How would you describe CLOECO to a friend?
CLOECO is a sustainable clothing company that produces natural and functional sheer tights that leave less of an impact on the environment and empower the people who wear them.

The fast fashion industry is responsible for over 10% of the world's carbon emissions each year. This is a huge percentage for one industry that continues to increase as clothing production rises, causing increases in water and energy consumption and additional pollution of our oceans and air.

As the public eye has become more exposed to these issues, large clothing companies have begun to offer more sustainable alternatives. This natural clothing movement is focused on garments such as natural or recycled fiber based shirts, pants, and shorts. However, very few hosiery companies have budged.
CLOECO is addressing the root cause of the issue: the petroleum based nylon typically used to make tights.
What are your individual core values?

Sustainability, representation, and being ethical.

How do your friends describe you?


How do you want to be remembered?

As the one that proved sustainable sheer tights were possible.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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