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Brand Criteria

Our Required Criteria

Before a brand is on-boarded, they're asked in-depth questions to learn more about them and their values. We also require "proof" from all our brands to make sure they are taking action on their value statements. 

Support Small Business
All brands on our site must be a small/medium-sized business. By our definition, this means less than 100 employees.

Support Women and Non-Binary Founders
All brands on our site must have at least one woman or non-binary founder.

Support Worker's Rights
All brands on our site must provide fair pay, safe working conditions, and accredited factories for their employees. be. does not allow exploitative child labor or any discriminatory employment practices to be used for any business listed on our site. We align strongly with WRAP's criteria for this, linked here, as well as Fairtrade International's criteria, linked here. Accreditation/certification can come from a wide range of sources. The primary ones we accept are BCSI, SAI, WRAP, Fairtrade International and Sedex. To learn more click here.

Support Giving Back
All brands on our site must provide proof of social activism or charitable give back towards social and environmental causes. This can be anything from a certification to a donation receipt! We like to use the initiatives listed in the UN's sustainable development goals as a reference. 

Support Diversity and Inclusion
All brands on our site must make a deliberate effort towards diversity, inclusion, and representation in hiring and marketing decisions.

Our Preferred Criteria

In our ideal world, all the brands on our site would also meet all of these criteria. That being said, nearly all of them meet at least one on this list!

Support Animals 
We prefer to include products on our site that are vegan and cruelty-free. The only reason this is not a required criteria, is because we don't think we could sell pet food and treats (that include meat) and call ourselves 100% cruelty free. That being said, all of our personal care products are not tested on animals. 

Support the Planet
We prefer to include products that are locally made in the same country as the brand's HQ, handmade or made to order, and artisan-made (supporting local cultures). We also prefer brands that use carbon-neutral shipping methods and recyclable or reusable packaging.

Support Representation
We prioritize representation, because it's not enough to just be included anymore! We want our community to be able to see themselves reflected back. That's why it's important for us to elevate minority-owned businesses. To us, this means BIPOC and LGBTQ+ founders. When you see this mentioned, it will always be referring to the woman or non-binary founder. In addition, we also make an effort to prioritize brands that offer sizing diversity. You deserve to feel welcome here.


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