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Mayssa Chehata (she/her) is the founder of BEHAVE. She has previously held brand partnership and business development roles at the NFL, Uber, Daily Harvest, and SoulCycle. She also moonlights as a DJ.

A lifelong candy-lover, Mayssa, like many people, found the candy experience turn from fun to guilt-ridden. That's why she set out to reinvent the candy experience with low sugar, low net carb gummy bears, featuring chef-crafted flavors, nothing artificial, and an elevated design.

What inspired BEHAVE?
I've had a sweet-tooth all my life, but while every category of food was undergoing a revolution, the candy aisle had hardly changed in decades... centuries in the case of some products! I wanted to create something that let people enjoy candy without all the artificial stuff that makes it hard to stomach (literally and figuratively).
How would you describe BEHAVE to a friend?
BEHAVE is reinventing the candy experience with low-sugar, low-net carb, chef-crafted sweets featuring elevated flavors and all-natural ingredients that let you feel good about indulging. Our gummy bears, which come in Sweet and Sour, are just 1g sugar, 60 calories, and 6g net carbs or less per bag. You won't find any GMOs, gluten, dairy, or artificial colors or flavors here. So go ahead, eat the whole bag!
What are your individual core values?
To have as much fun as possible and try not to take anything too seriously. That usually looks like spending lots of time in the sun and by the ocean.
How do your friends describe you?

A quintessential Sagittarius.

How do you want to be remembered?

For making candy with all-natural ingredients that taste too good to be true.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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