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Awoo Pet Essentials

Prior to Awoo, Mallory MacDonald (she/her) worked as a mass-market jewelry designer. While it was gratifying to see her designs come to life in-store chains all over the country, Mallory became disenchanted with the manufacturing processes she witnessed, where cutting costs was always the goal. Less attention was placed on concepts like sustainability or the well-being of factory workers, setting Mallory on a path to search for a better solution. Mallory currently lives in New Jersey with her husband, Kevin and her dog, Beatrix.

Francine Evans (she/her) has worked as a designer in the UK and US for several large brands. At Awoo, Francine applies her technical expertise to developing pet products that emphasize a modern design aesthetic and include innovative new product features. When Francine’s not busy designing Awoo’s next greatest product, she loves to test her creativity by experimenting with new mediums and taking on varied artistic projects. Francine and her dog Bagheera live in Essex outside London.

What inspired Awoo?

We launched Awoo in 2020 after struggling to find pet products within the market that were both stylish AND eco-friendly. Despite sustainability becoming a leading driver within most consumer industries, the pet industry had yet to catch up.

Traditionally, the only companies within the pet space that had any regard for environmental impact were rugged, outdoorsy brands focused more on performance than appearance. The backdrop of mountainous landscapes on their packaging made it clear that these products were not created for the average pet owner, whose daily exercise consisted more of walks through residential neighborhoods than vigorous hikes in the mountains. It was abundantly clear that a large (and growing) segment of the market was being overlooked. A segment that we (along with our pups) were a part of.

How would you describe Awoo to a friend?
Awoo is modernizing everyday essentials to better serve pets, their people, and the planet. We are a female-owned, ethical pet brand that was born out of our shared disenchantment with current unsustainable manufacturing practices as well as our struggle to find pet essentials that are stylish, versatile, AND eco-conscious.

All Awoo items are made using low-impact, humanely sourced, and recycled materials. With each intuitive detail, we are thoughtfully evolving traditional pet accessories to better satisfy the needs of modern dog parents while simultaneously reducing their carbon paw-print.
What are your individual core values?

Welcoming, honest, playful, and ethical.

How do your friends describe you?

Mallory as described by Francine: Creative, Extroverted, and American.

Francine as described by Mallory: Creative, Intelligent, and British.

How do you want to be remembered?

Awoo creates everyday essentials designed to strengthen the bond between pups and their humans. We hope to be remembered fondly for the supporting role we played in the core memories they created together.

What's the best way to get in touch for questions and support?


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