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About Sage


Sage Lally (she/her) founded be. in 2020 as a newsletter and a podcast to help women and non-binary people share their stories. She holds her BFA in Photography with a minor in Child and Adolescent Psychology and a concentration in Chinese language from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she graduated with honors. When she's not working to change the world, you can usually find her talking to or about cats, overthinking, or eating hot fudge by the spoonful. 

To learn more about Sage through video, click here.

Core Values:

Humor, Resilience, Kindness, Acceptance, Creativity, Equity, Trust, Love, Hard-Work.

How My Friends Describe Me:

Silly! You should hear my cat voice.

Special Skills:

Befriending cats, finding public restrooms, knowing a woman founded small business for everything, solving sudoku puzzles in pen, and spending money.


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