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the intentional shopper's checklist

Our website is designed to help you shop more consciously... but what about shopping intentionally? This year, we were inspired by this post to create a checklist for you to ensure you're shopping both consciously and intentionally this holiday season. To use, just copy the list below to your notes and check it anytime you're about to make a purchase. If you can check off 5 or more, you're good to go!
✓ Do I already have it, or something like it?
✓ How long have I wanted it? Have I been waiting to get it for a while?
✓ Can I imagine using it? How many different ways?
✓ How long will it last? How soon will I need to it? 
✓ Is the brand sustainable? In what ways?
✓ Who is my money indirectly supporting? Can I name who the founder is? 
✓ Is the brand ethical? What causes do they support?
✓ Why do I want it? 
✓ As far as I can tell, does the brand align with my values?
✓ When I am done using this product, how will I dispose of it? Can it be reused or recycled?


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